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We used Valerie’s services to buy our house. What we liked the most from her is, first of all, her friendly demeanour & her patience to explain to us the process of borrowing money & becoming home owners. Her extensive knowledge on all the different financial institutions was more than helpful as well. Since then we have dealt with Valeria many times & have always been able to appreciate the same quality of service from her.
Bertrand Dupain & Yoko Takashima
We had been dealing with banks & corporate mortgage brokers for years, & getting less & less understanding & satisfaction when friends suggested Val Wise. In one meeting, eight years ago, she completely changed our economic world for the better, & has been our financial guru ever since.
Christopher Butterfield & Merrie-Ellen Wilcox
Val, & now Nick, have been our family’s mortgage consultants for over 20 years. They have assisted myself & my two daughters in finding the right mortgages for our needs. They are especially good at navigating the sometimes confusing options offered by the various financial institutions. As one representative said when I told her who was now my mortgage consultant (& moved my mortgage to another provider) “Oh – Val Wise, Canada’s best!” And I agree. I am always happy to recommend Wise mortgages to my friends.
Kathryn Ogg
I have utilised the mortgage brokerage services of Val, & more recently Nick, for the past 20 or so years for numerous property purchases & refinances. I have also called on them too many times to count to discuss cash flow & finance options when looking at various properties that I, in the end, did not purchase. They have unfailingly provided excellent service, & more importantly, sound advice. I have recommended their invaluable services to many family members, friends & co-workers who have all had similar experiences to mine. Their depth of experience, competence & knowledge has been & will continue to be, for me, a key component of real estate decision making.
Jeff Horeth, P.Eng.
We have worked with Val for many years now & she has been fabulous! She works hard to get us the best mortgage rate going & is always very informative & personal about all of our options. We highly recommend her. Thanks Val!
Melissa & David Simpson
As a member of the military I move often, Nick & Val have been there helping me across the country for my last 4 moves. Most recently we had to move fast to get the right house for my family. Nick & Val pilled the whole deal together, including bridge financing, in less than a week. Working with lawyers across two provinces they achieved the impossible with time to spare. Well done team!
Peter Crain
When we moved from a small BC town to ‘huge’ Victoria in 2003 & realized that housing prices were far higher than anything we were accustomed to, we panicked – until we were referred to Wise Victoria Mortgages. This was our first time using a mortgage broker & what an amazing first experience! A far cry from any bank mortgage encounter we had been subjected to in the past, & treated with warmth, concern & professionalism – traits most bank lenders don’t possess & would do well to emulate. We explained our vision & needs & were offered sound financial advice, the pros & cons of the many available options, a sense of assurance that we were on the right path, & an amazingly good rate. Now, nine years & 5 houses later (including rental housing we have purchased in other parts of the province), we have directed family & friends to Wise Mortgages & none of us will ever consider using anyone else for our real estate needs! We consider Val & Nick & Wise Victoria Mortgages to be one of our more valued business associates and some of our kindest most caring friends!
Barry & Carol Lance
Over the past twelve years we have arranged all our mortgages through Wise Victoria Mortgages. We have recommended them to many, many friends & co-workers. Very professional & we thank them for their expertise!
Robert Youds & Christine Toller
Where to start….. my first mortgage was obtained through Val some 25 yers ago when I was a single parent with a limited income & little knowledge of the mortgage world. What impressed me immediately was Val’s relaxed, friendly, non-judgemental attitude along with an absolute commitment to getting me the best possible mortgage. She didn’t “fit” me into a mortgage but instead worked to arrange a mortgage that would fit me & then explained it in a way that I was able to understand. To me it was “magic”.
I have used Val’s “magic” & now her son Nick, as well, for all of my mortgages & renewals over the years & remain so impressed with their up-to-date knowledge, worth ethic & commitment to me. They always have my best interests at heart!
Colleen Walton
Val & Nick have literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars through their thoughtful dealings with our mortgages. They explain everything thoroughly so that the choices we make are backed up with substantive information paired with their sound judgement. They have shown carding regarding the whole picture of our economic future & have given us information & research even when there was no profit in it for them.

Going to a mortgage broker is a no-brainer. They can always get you a better deal than your bank because they are able to shop your mortgage so thoroughly. Going with Val & Nick to do our mortgages turned out to be one of the best financial decisions we ever made.

One more thing. Val & Nick are kind, honest & positive. We leave their offices reassured & feeling ready to move forward with confidence.

Jessica Van der Veen
We have been clients of Val Wise for fifteen years. We have been treated with exemplary kindness. The business represents any good value that a person is raised with. We have been guided with sound financial advice & Val has always secured the most cost effective appropriate mortgage on our behalf.
We can highly recommend Val for any mortgage situation whether it is a dog kennel or a mansion, she will find the best financing & treat you with utmost courtesy.
Judith & Glen Hill
It was my good fortune to have been referred to Wise Victoria Mortgages, for expert loan advice & processing. I have come to place my trust in both Nick & Val, to understand my needs & to secure the financing that is best for my family. Their service has saved me significant time & money. I have a 35 year relationship with my bank & they cannot compete with the products afforded me. I have referred several friends who have all provided positive feedback, & achieved their financing needs following sound recommendations. Some have even been counselled to remain with their current arrangement, to their betterment. Wise Victoria Mortgages will build a relationship for the long term, to the benefit of the client. I strongly recommend meeting with them to gain clarity on your available options.”
Tye Startek
Over a decade ago Val Wise came to our rescue to help us achieve the purchase of our waterfront home. After our bank of 40 years refused our mortgage application, Valerie found us an mortgager which did accept out application & the interest rate was, in fact lower than the banks. Over the years we have relied on Val & her son Nick many times over for ourselves, our two adult children & friends for their expertise in purchasing & remortgaging homes.
Melanie & Kerry Kirkpatrick
Not sure why anyone would go anywhere else for their mortgage needs? They sit down with you to determine your mortgage requirements & suggest ways to ensure you get the best mortgage for your situation. They are up front & frank about things & are really looking out for your best interests. They provide a number of options for you to consider & recommend an option that would best suit you! I have been recommending this firm to all of my friends & staff members for the past 17+ years! When you find something great why not share the information with others!
Todd Warnes
I have known Val Wise for some years & have had the pleasure of dealing with her recently regarding a mortgage for a new property. Not only is she, & her son Nick, pleasant & easy to deal with, it is evident she knows her business thoroughly & found us a wonderful mortgage. I would freely recommend Wise Victoria Mortgages Inc. to anyone.
Jesse Evernden
I have had the pleasure if working with Val & her team 3 times now. Real estate transfers can be incredibly stressful; Val was excellent at walking me through the process & getting me the best mortgage to suit my budget & needs. I always felt very well taken care of, & that Val had my best interest in mind. I would absolutely work with Wise Victoria Mortgages again & highly recommend them to others.
Kimberly Meadows
When my wife Betty-Ann & I purchased out first house in 1997, we frankly didn’t know what we were doing. Val found a mortgage that was manageable for us, & got us into the housing market. We have dealt with her ever since. She knows the business back & front, has a lightning-fast mind for numbers & figures, communicates clearly, & is cheerful, calm, & generous with her time. If anyone mentions mortgages we always point them toward Val & Nick at Wise Mortgages.
David P Smith & Betty-Ann Lampman
My eyes glaze over when words like amortization & disbursements are used in the same sentence! Over 20 years ago I met Val Wise. I not only found the greatest mortgage brokers but also a friend. Val knows my financial needs & has always helped me decide on the best mortgage plan for my lifestyle. I am confident that, when I recommend her, she will do her best for my family & friends as well.
Bobby Kovar
Understanding the differences between mortgage options has to be one of the most difficult things we’ve ever tried to do. When our realtor suggested that we contact Nick and Val Wise, we agreed to give them a try. These two were able to explain what each mortgage product had to offer – in a way that we could understand – and were instrumental in helping us make a decision. That was in Victoria.
When we were getting ready to move to Toronto we looked at using a mortgage broker there. We had talked to two different brokers and neither of them seemed to pay any attention to our particular needs. Instead, each pushed the one product that they thought was best, regardless of our situation. This led us to ask, “Was it possible to still use Nick and Val to buy a house half way across the country?”
It turns out that it was possible. The problem with time zones, coordinating banks and lawyers, and dealing with different provincial fees and regulations didn’t seem to phase them. Furthermore, our financial situation was unusual, we were moving to a more expensive market, we wanted to reduce our debt-load, and we needed more financial flexibility.
In all fairness, I must admit that my partner and I were both high maintenance clients. We wanted to make an informed decision and this meant that we were calling and emailing them constantly with questions. They took the time to understand all of our concerns, make suggestions, and find options that would suit our needs.
Over the last six years we have been impressed with their level of knowledge and their ability to think creatively about finances, but more importantly, we were particularly pleased with the level of patience and understanding that they have exhibited over the course of our relationship.
Dann & Dennis
Having a mortgage is the largest financial decision most people make. Val & Nick are a dynamic team that provide you with the best possible information to meet your personal financial needs. Their service & knowledge is beyond comparison. We recommend Wise Victoria Mortgages to friends, family & colleagues because we know they will be in the hands of professionals you can trust.
Corey & Keri
Val & her team were the greatest! I have retired & show little income, plus I was out of town for most of the process. They took the worry out of getting a mortgage for me & I will not hesitate to use them again in future purchases!
Mary Lou Moffat